Born This Gay

Who else here is bored with gays? My god, they’re just everywhere. Gay this, gay that. Nothing is ever fabulous enough. Or it’s too fabulous and has-to-die-it-down-a-bit-or-else-it’ll-misrepresent-a-small-minority-of-people-who-don’t-even-care-that-much. Oh, and don’t even think about putting on that TV Show if it doesn’t have one of the two required queeneotypes. We must have either the sassy gay friend or the homosexual savant. One to be the bitch or one to be the wise elder, master of advice. In an almost apologetic effort to make up for lost time, various mediums of media have opened their back doors to the powerful thrust of homosexual novelties. So it’s almost no surprise that to match this, recently the idiots have been cranking out their homophobe machine. It’s okay to hate on gays, because after all, they chose to be this way. Just as I can choose to throw you down a flight of stairs because you’re clearly an insult to evolution.

But then, this “choice” argument has led to an even more irritating string of defence – the so-called argument that people are “born gay”. Whether it’s from the queen of stranger herself, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, or what’s-a-symmetrical-hair-cut Macklemore’s Same Love, it seems to be a culturally accepted fact that sexuality is inherent from birth. This is the trump card, the after-school detention of all arguments that apparently no one can argue against. It’s genetic – fuck you and fuck your ignorance. However adorable this mindless argument is, where is the evidence? It’s very nice to fight against the bigotry of certain groups of people and given that an unfortunately prevalent warrior against homosexual equality is certain factions of religion, it’s extra nice to have science on your side when they have a book about an invisible man in the sky. So let’s not counter our own intellect here by also making claims that are factually and scientifically flawed.

The issue with science-based arguments is that the running thesis is allowed to reign supreme, until it’s knocked off its pedestal by another theory that has more evidence. But during its time, the argument is treated as an infallible concept due to its scientific basis. Here we see, because of the twin experiments regarding the development of the Xq28 chromosome, or the theory that with each son, a pregnant woman increases her “immune response” which increases the odd of feminine traits developing in the brain of the foetus. Because, yes, even science says gays are girly. The issue is so many people hear these faux-scientific arguments, slap on their seal of approval and call it a day. Don’t be so quick to prove others wrong that you lose sight of the argument. As bizarre as this sentence may sound, genetics is not a definite science. Our current understanding of genetics doesn’t provide the be all and end all of the human condition. Xq28 argument concludes a 40% chance of being a contributing factor to the sexuality of the child.

And that is what we should be focusing on: contributing factors. It’s mind boggling that truth even needs to remind us of its complexity. It’s nice to believe that people are simple and that by knowing their sex you can automatically apply all sorts of gender theories and sexual expectations onto them. We all fit into nice little boxes. And once you realize that these boxes are less cuboid and more like labyrinths of confusing and sometimes creepily arousing avenues into each individual psyche, things can become scary. And that’s what most pro-gay fighters are battling – people who are scared and confused and angry, about themselves, about others and about the world. Don’t cater to them by simplifying the world, too. Boggle them and force them to think for themselves and not just react and absorb the poisonous words of others around them.

The thing is, it’s such a cute little excuse for so many people. “Oh, I’m born this way, you can’t control me.” Theoretically, it sounds like the best end to any argument ever. But then you let that argument sit for a bit, and then it festers, and grows mould and evolves into an entirely new monster. It’s a very good way, and a very modern way, of excusing themselves for their own behaviour. Relieving the blame from their own shoulders. I’m not bad, my parents were mean to me. I’m not anti-Semitic, I just really don’t like the Jewish hold over our economy. But if people can be born gay, does that mean paedophiles are born with that inclination too? Are axe-murderers guiltless due to giving into their natural urges? Thankfully, we have the social construct of consent here to deal with this distinction. But is incest, not only the cause of genetic mutation, but also the result of one? Are cheaters and douchebags all just products of their genetic makeup?

The point is, we don’t actually know. And it doesn’t matter. Stop putrefying this stale argument by making declarative statements that hold no water. If this is a biological element, can it be traced, isolated and eliminated? Should it be? Arguments that the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay are shown to be just theories by the pure existence of homosexual older brothers – proving, therefore, that something else must have contributed to their realization that penises are awesome. Everything is still a guessing game and genetics are never uniformed. We know of men who prove homosexual tendencies in different circumstances, whether it’s dropping the soap in prison or being a peer queer. Were these people already biologically inclined? I don’t know, but under those circumstances, you see a lot more than merely the assumed 10%, so clearly there’s a contributing factor there.

It’s very difficult to remove the sexual nature of homosexuals. It’s sort of in the name. But the importance of homosocial behaviour isn’t getting anywhere near its decent amount of spotlight. There are some people who just fuck the same sex and there are other people who love the same sex. Things get blurred in both directions. But don’t, at any time, try to reduce the beauty and brilliance of the mighty human sexuality into it just being “born”. Taking away the “born gay” argument doesn’t automatically mean it was your choice to be gay. We’re under constant siege of the world around us, and yes there may be some biological leanings in some people, but they may not even play a factor for others. Circumstances, context, and people are all. If a woman is straight but falls for another woman – just one – is she gay? No. Bi? No. She’s not straddling two planes of sexuality – she’s just in love with that one chick. Don’t you dare tell her she was born to love that one person. You’re the product of years of growth, not just a pre-determined flavour thanks to your gene cake. Love yourself and your sexuality, not because you have to, but because it’s something that is a part of you that has grown and developed in its own way without even realizing it. So, fuck you and your stupid arguments, and go home and fuck the person you want to fuck. Or don’t. That’s cool, too.

 Words by Laurence Williams