ZERO Playlist: Night Commute

For the ZERO Playlist Project our writers, collaborators and friends will be curating themed playlists of their choice - and we'll be exhibiting them here. This playlist is presented by ZERO's Music Editor, Joseph Fuller.

Night Commute: 'Since I've started working at a bar, I've found myself walking home at times I'd usually be indoors (or at the pub) and thought I'd create a playlist to mirror this journey back. Walking through Bath after midnight, you're surrounded by both the lush architectural beauty of the city and the drunken crowds that bellow through the night, which creates a surreal, lively contrast. I exit work into the centre of town and am immediately greeted by either total tranquility or a bloke in chinos pissing in the street, depending on the night. This playlist, Night Commute, is a selection of songs that get me home - from locking up the bar and walking through the city to the scenic walk across Bath's swooping crescents and finally to the quiet of home, where I usually listen to 'Immunity' and talk to the cats.'